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Award Notification:  Megan Eilers (AK '23)

Featured in this video:  Megan Eilers (AK '23)
Fairbanks, AK   |    Jan 30, 2024
Hutchison High School

Guess What, Megan Eilers? You're an AK Milken Educator!

FAIRBANKS, AK—What's happening at Hutchison High School? Fairbanks North Star Borough School District Superintendent Dr. Luke Meinert is here to visit students and staff. It seems like an ordinary day until Dr. Meinert introduces Dr. Joshua Barnett, chief executive officer for the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET), visiting on behalf of the Milken Family Foundation. Watch as Dr. Barnett names health occupations teacher Megan Eilers Alaska's sole 2023-24 Milken Educator Award recipient and presents her with a huge $25,000 check. It's the surprise of a lifetime for Eilers—and a day she'll remember forever.