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Award Notification:  Lindsey Parker (LA '14)

Featured in this video:  Lindsey Parker (LA '14)
Stonewall , LA   |    Feb 27, 2015
North DeSoto Elementary 3-5 School

Louisiana Master Teacher Lindsey Parker Tearfully Accepts Milken Award

“The winner of the Milken Educator Award goes to…Lindsey Parker!” Those words from National Institute for Excellence in Teaching CEO and Milken Educator Dr. Gary Stark are all it takes for the audience to jump to their feet.  Faculty and students cheer and hug their master teacher, who plays an integral role in driving instructional excellence at North DeSoto Elementary 3-5 and propelling students to new heights in the process. “If we can’t set high expectations and teach for the stars,” Lindsey says, “our students can’t get where they most want to be to achieve their dreams.”  Watch the video to learn more about Lindsey and what the Milken Educator Award honor has in store for her!

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