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Award Notification:  Leslie McIntosh (NE '23)

Featured in this video:  Leslie McIntosh (NE '23)
Syracuse, NE   |    Nov 21, 2023
Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca Middle School

Leslie McIntosh's $25,000 Milken Award Surprise in Nebraska

SYRACUSE, NE—It's Thanksgiving week, and there's a big assembly today at Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca Middle School, with Nebraska Commissioner of Education Dr. Brian Maher on hand to applaud the school's achievement gains and Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS). But when Dr. Maher introduces special guest Stephanie Bishop, vice president of the Milken Educator Awards, everyone quickly realizes that there's one more huge reason to rejoice. Watch as Bishop surprises reading and English language arts teacher Leslie McIntosh with the first-ever Nebraska Milken Award in Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca Public Schools and a $25,000 cash prize. No one is more surprised than the recipient herself!