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Award Notification:  Krystal Contreras (TX '18)

Featured in this video:  Krystal Contreras (TX '18)
San Benito, TX   |    Feb 15, 2019
Dr. C.M. Cash Elementary School

Krystal Contreras Wins TX Milken Award

Why is Texas Commissioner of Education Mike Morath here at Dr. C.M. Cash Elementary? The school is celebrating its overall achievement with an all-school event. But there's more to the celebration ... and it involves a huge surprise for one outstanding educator! Watch as Dr. Jane Foley, senior vice president of the Milken Educator Awards, shocks, students, staff and especially fourth-grade writing teacher Krystal Contreras, winner of Texas' 2018-19 Milken Award and the first-ever recipient from San Benito CISD. Welcome to the Milken Educator family, Krystal!