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Award Notification:  Kelly Sutcliffe (HI '16)

Featured in this video:  Kelly Sutcliffe (HI '16)
Honolulu, HI   |    Feb 02, 2017
President Thomas Jefferson Elementary School

Kelly Sutcliffe, Welcome to HI's Milken Educator Family!

It's a big day at Honolulu's President Thomas Jefferson Elementary School: Students are gathered for an all-school assembly, where Hawaii Governor David Y. Ige, First Lady Dawn Amano-Ige, State Superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi and Complex Area Superintendent Ruth Silberstein are celebrating the school's stellar STEM programs. But there's another reason for their visit, which comes to light when Lowell Milken, chairman and co-founder of the Milken Family Foundation, surprises fourth-grade teacher Kelly Sutcliffe with a 2016-17 Milken Educator Award and $25,000. Watch the video to share Sutcliffe's day of joy and celebration.