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Award Notification:  Jon Pickinpaugh (NE '17)

Featured in this video:  Jon Pickinpaugh (NE '17)
South Sioux City, NE   |    Jan 11, 2018
South Sioux City Middle School

Jon Pickinpaugh, You're Nebraska's Milken Educator!

What's happening at South Sioux City Middle School? Nebraska Lieutenant Governor Mike Foley is visiting to recognize students' impressive growth on MAP assessments at an all-school assembly ... but there's another reason for his visit, and it involves a special guest from the West Coast. Watch as Greg Gallagher, senior program administrator for the Milken Family Foundation, shocks science teacher Jon Pickinpaugh with Nebraska's 2017-18 Milken Educator Award and $25,000—the surprise of a lifetime.

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  • Congratulations,, Jon! Awesome award!

    Posted by Sue Larsen, 11/01/2018 5:36pm (4 years ago)

  • Jon, wow what an honor! Proud to have had you in preschool. Congratulations!!!

    Posted by Diane Ehrhardt , 11/01/2018 1:44pm (4 years ago)

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