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Award Notification:  Dr. Johnnie Marshall (GA '19)

Featured in this video:  Dr. Johnnie Marshall (GA '19)
Valdosta, GA   |    Oct 10, 2019
Valdosta Early College Academy

Dr. Johnnie Marshall Wins GA Milken Award

What does it sound like when a beloved administrator is surprised with a Milken Educator Award? At Valdosta Early College Academy, it's loud! Watch as students, staff and distinguished guests, including Georgia State School Superintendent Richard Woods, raise the roof when Dr. Jane Foley, senior vice president of the Milken Educator Awards, names Assistant Principal Dr. Johnnie Marshall Georgia's 2019-20 Milken Award recipient. It's a day Dr. Marshall will remember forever.

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  • We are so proud of you. What a well deserving person. We celebrate with you. God bless you.

    Posted by Calvin & Brenda Rodgers, 10/10/2019 8:29pm (40 days ago)

  • What a great honor. Having those traits of caring and committed to the call of education tell me you are deserving of this award. This Whigham community is so happy to call you "our own". Congratulations to you--Dr. Johnny Marshall.

    Posted by Doris Poppell, 10/10/2019 6:48pm (40 days ago)

  • Congratulations!!! This is a great accomplishment!!!

    Posted by Mary Hunt, 10/10/2019 5:46pm (40 days ago)

  • I knew from the moment I met this young man he was destined for great things! He has a presence that is not easily forgotten. I had the pleasure of getting to know him during his high school years and he became a personal friend of my daughter. His leadership abilities were outstanding even back then and one could not find a greater role model for the youth of Grady County! We are extremely proud of you Johnnie Marshall and we know you will continue to shape and mold the lives of this country for years to come. Much love The West Family

    Posted by Renn West, 10/10/2019 5:01pm (40 days ago)

  • Congratulations Dr. Johnnie Marshall!!!!!

    Posted by Donna Knighton , 10/10/2019 3:16pm (40 days ago)

  • Congratulations, to Dr Johnnie Marshall I am so Proud of you and all of your accomplishments. I knew you Had great leadership skills as a student in pre school.

    Posted by Brenda G Bailey, 10/10/2019 1:53pm (40 days ago)

  • Congratulations Dr. Johnny Marshall. We are so proud of you and we honor your accomplishment.....Very well deserved ❤️.

    Posted by Gloria Garner, 10/10/2019 12:43pm (40 days ago)

  • We are proud of you Mr. Marshall. This is a prestigious honor for an educator. You are representing Whigham and Grady County very well. Continue to excel.

    Posted by Jet & Dee Cox, 10/10/2019 12:37pm (40 days ago)

  • Congratulations.. Your hard work and dedication is well deserving of this award.

    Posted by Janice Copeland, 10/10/2019 12:12pm (40 days ago)

  • I had the pleasure of teaching Johnnie throughout his k-8 years. He was an awesome young man then and I knew he would do great things. I am so very proud of all his accomplishments and the positive influence he has been to so many young people!! Well deserved Johnnie, so proud of you!

    Posted by Barbara Godwin, 10/10/2019 11:28am (40 days ago)

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