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Award Notification:  Derrick Winn (LA '23)

Featured in this video:  Derrick Winn (LA '23)
Baton Rouge, LA   |    Feb 06, 2024
Crestworth Elementary School

Derrick Winn's Huge Surprise In Baton Rouge, LA

BATON ROUGE, LA—Students and staff at Crestworth Elementary are gathered today to celebrate being named a "Top Gains" school. No one expects that the ordinary assembly is about to turn into a life-changing surprise for one outstanding educator! Watch the excitement unfold as Lowell Milken, founder of the Milken Educator Awards, presents third grade math and science teacher Derrick Winn with a Milken Educator Award in front of cheering students, colleagues and visiting dignitaries, including Louisiana Superintendent of Education Dr. Cade Brumley. The prestigious award comes with a $25,000 prize, marking a transformative moment in Winn's teaching career.