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Award Notification:  Alexa Guynes (TN '22)

Featured in this video:  Alexa Guynes (TN '22)
Germantown, TN   |    Nov 17, 2022
Dogwood Elementary

Alexa Guynes Wins TN Milken Award

What's going on at Dogwood Elementary? Brooke Amos, assistant commissioner of human capital for the Tennessee Department of Education, is visiting for an assembly on literacy. But there's more, and it involves a huge surprise for one outstanding teacher! Watch as Dr. Jane Foley, senior vice president of the Milken Educator Awards, presents fifth grade teacher Alexa Guynes with "the Oscars of Teaching" and $25,000, making her the first recipient in Germantown Municipal School District. This is a day Germantown will remember forever.