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Award Notification:  Dr. Ernie Adkins (WV '14)

Featured in this video:  Dr. Ernie Adkins (WV '14)
Princeton, WV   |    Dec 04, 2014
Princeton Primary School

“Awesome” WV Principal Ernie Adkins Stunned by Milken Educator Award

“Fabulous!” “Awesome!” “The Best!” Students express high praise for their principal, Dr. Ernie Adkins, who was stunned to learn that the celebration he was planning at Princeton Primary School in Princeton, West Virginia, was honoring him! Milken Educator Awards Senior Vice President Dr. Jane Foley, joined by State Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Martirano, revealed the news before colleagues, students, dignitaries and media. Watch the video to catch Ernie’s surprised reaction and learn what the teaching profession means to him.