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Award Notification:  James Moonan (MA '13)

Featured in this video:  James Moonan (MA '13)
Milton, MA   |    Nov 13, 2013
Pierce Middle School

Math Teacher James Moonan’s Passion Adds Up to $25,000 Milken Educator Award

Winning a 2013–14 Milken Educator Award, James Moonan of Pierce Middle School in Milton, MA shares his philosophy on realizing every student’s potential. Introduced by Milton Public Schools Superintendent Mary C. Gormley and announced by Massachusetts Commissioner of Education Dr. Mitchell Chester, James was completely shocked to hear his name called for the Award.  Watch his reaction and what VIPs and students had to say about James and the teaching profession.

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  • As my “grand-nephew” Jim has always been number one in my book. That is also because he has such wonderful parents. His siblings are also fantastic, again thanks to his fantastic parents!!

    Posted by Joseph Sherry, 14/11/2013 5:13pm (9 years ago)

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