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Award Notification:  Crystal Mink Dozier (OH '12)

Featured in this video:  Crystal Mink Dozier (OH '12)
Goshen, OH   |    Nov 19, 2012
Spaulding Elementary School

Three Cheers for 2012 Ohio Milken Educator Crystal Mink Dozier of Goshen

According to Ohio Acting Superintendent of Public Instruction Michael Sawyers, the Goshen school district is among the best in the state. It is thus fitting that Crystal Mink Dozier, a "spellbinding" third-grade teacher from Spaulding Elementary School, was rewarded for her contributions with a surprise $25,000 Milken Educator Award during an all-school assembly. Jason Culbertson of the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching joined Sawyers in presenting the prestigious award. Crystal is the sole recipient in the state. How did Crystal react? Watch the video to find out!

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