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Award Notification:  August Carlson (NH '12)

Featured in this video:  August Carlson (NH '12)
Hampton, NH   |    Oct 09, 2012
Adeline C. Marston School

Music teacher August "Gus" Carlson of Hampton, NH, Hits High Note as 2012 Milken Educator

For August "Gus" Carlson of Marston School in Hampton, New Hampshire, hearing his name called as the newest Milken Educator was music to his ears. The state's solo honoree has staff and students singing a happy tune as he mixes music into the curriculum for math, reading, science and writing. Also participating in the choir of praise was New Hampshire Education Commissioner Dr. Virginia Barry and Milken Educator Awards Senior Vice President Dr. Jane Foley -- who joined Gus in a rhythm of "fist pumps" in honor of the occasion. "Fourteen years ago I didn't know that I wanted to be a teacher," Gus said. "My life is blessed because of you guys."