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Educator Profile:  William Callahan (WY '95)

Featured in this video:  William Callahan (WY '95)
Casper, WY   |    Jun 01, 1995
Centennial Jr High School

William Callahan (WY '95)

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  • I started teaching at Centennial JHS in 1993 and had the honor to call Bill a colleague for several years. After observing his classroom as a new teacher I decided that he was the kind of teacher I wanted to be...not only sharing my knowledge but showing my students that I really cared about what they were and what they would become. As I near retirement I can only hope that I made a fraction of an impact as Mr. Callahan. A truly remarkable individual.

    Posted by Ernie Smith, 19/03/2016 6:47am (5 years ago)

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