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Lindsay Murray Becomes Milken Educator in Virginia

Lindsay Murray (VA '16)   |   W.E. Cundiff Elementary School  |  Vinton, VA  |  Dec 07, 2016

It's a proud day at W.E. Cundiff Elementary School in Vinton: Dr. Steven R. Staples, Virginia's superintendent of public instruction, is visiting to commend the school on its academic achievement and successful formula for closing the achievement gap. But there's more to his visit, which comes to light when he introduces Dr. Jane Foley, senior vice president of the Milken Educator Awards. Foley surprises fourth-grade teacher Lindsay Murray with Virginia's 2016-17 Milken Educator Award and a $25,000 check, turning the morning assembly into an unforgettable day that will change Murray's career. Follow along in our photo gallery.

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  • Roanoke assistant superintendent Rebecca Eastwood
  • Virginia Superintendent Steven Staples Cundiff Elementary
  • Cundiff Jane Foley
  • Cundiff Jane Foley with students
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  • Lindsay Murray with students
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