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Katherine Shaw, You’re a CA Milken Educator!

Washington Elementary School  |  Bellflower, CA  |  Mar 03, 2017

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Katherine Shaw veteran Milken Educators

Veteran Milken Educators welcome Katherine Shaw to the family. During the assembly they share words of wisdom with Shaw. "My pin reminds me every day of the difference teachers make for every student," says Judith Magsaysay (CA '96). Adds Mindy Yip (CA '08): "Today your life has changed."

Front row, from left, Nancy Florez-Muro (CA '03); Dr. Jane Foley (IN '94), Dr. Cyndi Paik (CA '04); recipient Katherine Shaw (CA '16); Jane Ching Fung (CA '02); Mindy Yip (CA '08); Marisa Rivas (CA '09); James Orihuela (CA '05); and Judith Magsaysay (CA '96).

Back row, from left: Andy de Seriere (CA '00); John Blaydes (CA '88); Bonnie Price (CA '98); Dennis O'Connor (NV '95); Jennifer B. Smith (CA '06); and Ana Higuera (CA '09).