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Bonnie Price (CA '98)


At the time of the Award, Bonnie Price was:

Orange Grove Elementary School
Whittier, CA

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary

Biographical Information

Bonnie Price, now retired, maintains professional contacts through attendance at many Milken Family Foundation events, and through connections largely through social media. In retirement, she has finally found time to pursue other interests, such as travel, gardening, and new learning. She last taught fifth grade at Wallen L. Andrews Elementary School in Whittier. In her 35 years of teaching elementary, high school and college classes, she developed many strategies to make learning more effective and meaningful. Technology developments during her career enabled her to provide vivid and interactive support for presentation of information, as well as opportunities for students to construct ways to express their own understanding using computer graphics and audio capabilities. Recognizing the importance of strong character development in children, Price guided children in developing critical thinking skills that help them navigate through difficult choices. She assisted in the development of teacher training videos produced by the Milken Family Foundation for use in the Teacher Advancement Program. Through a 2004 Milken Festival of Youth grant, she and 85 of her students developed a Native Plant Garden at Lou Henry Hoover School, serving the community while learning how important it is to care for our natural environment. Deeply committed to helping every learner enjoy complex learning, she differentiated instruction to serve students of all abilities.

Personal Message

Congratulations, New Milken Educator! You are in for an eye-opening set of experiences. I encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity to interact with this inspirational Foundation. Their focus on excellence is a wonderful model for any institution, and their influence on improving the quality of education is deeply rooted. You will make new professional friends of educators in many places, giving you opportunities to make better sense of the confusing world of education we live in. Follow up on opportunities by serving on committees, providing support for programs, and networking to build a stronger educational system in our country. You are a role model, whether you are ready or not. Make the most of this new honor by making time in your busy schedule to connect with other educators. It's inspirational to be associated with the Milken Family Foundation!

Additional Information


2001 American Memory Fellowship, Library of Congress, Washington, DC

1997 Gold Disk Award from Computer Using Educators, Inc., California

1991 Fellowship Award, Business Week/Challenger 7 Center, Washington, DC

1989 Christa McAuliffe Fellow, National Foundation for the Improvement of Education, Washington, DC


1989 Master's Degree in Education, Whittier College, Whittier, CA

1970 University of California - Santa Barbara, B.A.

Technology in Education