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Kara Davis Wins Arkansas Milken Educator Award

Kara Davis (AR '16)   |   Joe Mathias Elementary School  |  Rogers, AR  |  Nov 18, 2016

Joe Mathias Elementary School is buzzing with excitement: Johnny Key, commissioner of the Arkansas Department of Education, and Rogers Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Marlin Berry are visiting to celebrate the school's recent art grant. But Commissioner Key has a surprise up his sleeve: He introduces Dr. Gary Stark, CEO of the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching, and they name fourth-grade teacher Kara Davis the recipient of the state's 2016-17 Milken Educator Award. Follow Davis' career-changing day in our photo gallery. 

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  • Principal Betsy Kinkade opens assembly
  • Joe Mathias students pledge of allegiance
  • Joe Mathias choir performs
  • Rogers Superintendent Marlin Berry
  • Arkansas Commissioner Education Johnny Key
  • Joe Mathias teachers students watch
  • Gary Stark at Joe Mathias Elementary
  • Joe Mathias students at assembly
  • Joe Mathias students volunteer
  • Gary Stark with Joe Mathias student
  • Joe Mathias students eager to help
  • Kara Davis reaction
  • Kara Davis walks to front
  • Kara Davis hug from principal
  • Kara Davis wipes away tears
  • Kara Davis Kleenex
  • Kara Davis check
  • Kara Davis Johnny Key
  • Kara Davis tears Johnny Key speaks
  • Kimberly Mason words of wisdom Kara Davis
  • Kara Davis addresses assembly
  • Kara Davis hugs principal at end
  • Kara Davis with colleagues
  • Kara Davis hugs student

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