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Jordan McGaughey, You're a MO Milken Educator!

Seckman High School  |  Imperial, MO  |  Oct 17, 2017

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Imperial 2017 Jordan McGaughey with Seckman students

Students congratulate social studies teacher Jordan McGaughey at his surprise Milken Educator Award notification. Says one: "I was so proud of him I almost felt like a mom!" In McGaughey’s American Government classes, students learn to be global citizens; he stresses diversity, debate and critical thinking as students create presentations and videos, write to legislators, and simulate the legislative process with mock Congressional sessions. 

In this series:  Jordan McGaughey (MO '17) In this photo:  Jordan McGaughey (MO '17)

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  • Imperial 2017 Todd Scott Margie Vandeven Seckman before assembly
  • Imperial 2017 baton twirling Seckman
  • Imperial 2017 Seckman principal Todd Scott
  • Imperial 2017 Seckman national anthem
  • Imperial 2017 district superintendent James Wipke Seckman
  • Imperial 2017 Missouri commissioner Margie Vandeven Seckman High
  • Imperial 2017 Jane Foley Seckman assembly
  • Imperial 2017 Seckman students spell 25000
  • Imperial 2017 Jordan McGaughey reaction shocked
  • Imperial 2017 Jordan McGaughey reaction in bleachers
  • Imperial 2017 Jordan McGaughey acceptance speech
  • Imperial 2017 Jordan McGaughey walks to front
  • Imperial 2017 Jordan McGaughey Jeff Gall check
  • Imperial 2017 Jordan McGaughey check dignitaries
  • Imperial 2017 veteran Milken Educators congratulate McGaughey
  • Imperial 2017 Jordan McGaughey with Seckman students
  • Imperial 2017 Jordan McGaughey calls wife
  • Imperial 2017 Jordan McGaughey Jeff Gall classroom

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  • I'm Jordan's father. Jordan's mother, Debby, and I would like to thank the Milken Organization for this wonderful award. Jordan puts his heart and soul into his work and your award gives Jordan even more incentive to be better and to aim higher.
    Thank you very much.
    Bruce McGaughey, R.Ph.

    Posted by Bruce McGaughey, 17/10/2017 8:34pm (5 years ago)

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