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STEAM Teacher Jayda Pugliese Wins PA Milken Educator Award

Andrew Jackson Elementary School  |  Philadelphia, PA  |  Oct 05, 2016

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Jayda Pugliese with veteran Milken Educators in classroom

Veteran Milken Educators from Pennsylvania surround Jayda Pugliese (PA '16), the newest member of the Milken Educator family, and her students. In addition to the Milken Educator Award's $25,000 cash prize, recipients also gain entry into a close professional network that supports them throughout their careers. Anthony Angelini (PA '15), last year's recipient, says the Award "made all the teachers in our district feel elevated."

From left (adults): Linda Chronister Depro (PA '98); Lowell Milken, chairman and co-founder of the Milken Family Foundation; recipient Jayda Pugliese (PA '16); Anthony Angelini (PA '15); and Maryann Molishus (PA '08).

In this series:  Jayda Pugliese (PA '16) In this photo:  Linda Helveston (PA '98)Anthony Angelini (PA '15)Lowell Milken Maryann Molishus (PA '08)Jayda Pugliese (PA '16)

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