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Dereka Duncan Wins LA Milken Award in Port Allen

Cohn Elementary School  |  Port Allen, LA  |  Jan 24, 2023

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Cohn Dereka Duncan veterans

Veteran Milken Educators can't wait to welcome Dereka Duncan (LA '22) to the Milken Educator Network.

From left, Stephanie Whetstone (LA '18); Jay Weisman (LA '21); Devon Willis-Jones (LA '16), National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET) assistant director for Louisiana; recipient Dereka Duncan (LA '22); Lowell Milken, founder of the Milken Educator Awards; Jessica Major (LA '15), the first Milken Award recipient in West Baton Rouge Schools; Lindsey Parker (LA '14), NIET associate director of professional learning; and Vicky Condalary (LA '01), NIET senior vice president of services and partnerships.

In this series:  Dereka Duncan (LA '22) In this photo:  Vicky A. Condalary (LA '01)Dereka Duncan (LA '22)Jessica Major (LA '15)Lowell Milken Lindsey Parker (LA '14)Jay Weisman (LA '21)Stephanie Whetstone (LA '18)Devon Willis-Jones (LA '16)

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