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Corrie Campbell Joins LA Milken Educators

Green T. Lindon Elementary  |  Youngsville, LA  |  Jan 25, 2023

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Lindon Corrie Campbell veterans

Veteran Milken Educators and state leaders gather to welcome Corrie Campbell (LA '22) to the family.

From left, Milken Educator Awards Founder Lowell Milken; Dr. Holly Boffy, incoming president of the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education; Laura Laiche (LA '21); Stephanie Whetstone (LA '18); Devon Willis-Jones (LA '16), National Institute for Excellence in Teaching (NIET) assistant director for Louisiana; Jacklene Marie Jones (LA '01); recipient Corrie Campbell (LA '22); Marco French (LA '21); Louisiana Department of Education Talent Project Director Joni Lacy; John Lary (LA '15); Jessica Major (LA '15); Lindsey Parker (LA '14), NIET associate director of professional learning; Susan Couch (LA '04); Jay Weisman (LA '21); and Angela Boxie (LA '17), the first Milken Award recipient from Lafayette Parish.

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In this photo:  Angela Boxie (LA '17)Corrie Campbell (LA '22)Susan Couch (LA '04)Jacklene Marie Jones (LA '01)Laura Laiche (LA '21)John Lary (LA '15)Jessica Major (LA '15)Lowell Milken Lindsey Parker (LA '14)Jay Weisman (LA '21)Stephanie Whetstone (LA '18)Devon Willis-Jones (LA '16)

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