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Angie Beavin Wins KY Milken Award

Peaks Mill Elementary  |  Frankfort, KY  |  Feb 11, 2019

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Frankfort 2018 Governor Matt Bevin remarks

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin tells the assembly that his family is full of educators, including both his parents and two siblings. Once, at a restaurant, the cashier recognized him and started reciting Shakespeare; she had been a student of Governor Bevin's father. "The power of a teacher is an amazing thing," says the governor. "Every student remembers a teacher who changes the lives of others. ... I want to thank the Milken Family Foundation for celebrating public school teachers, the changemakers for millions and millions of Americans."

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  • Frankfort 2018 Governor Matt Bevin high five
  • Frankfort 2018 principal Dana Blankenship
  • Frankfort 2018 pledge of allegiance
  • Frankfort 2018 choir
  • Frankfort 2018 superintendent Mark Kopp
  • Frankfort 2018 commissioner Wayne Lewis
  • Frankfort 2018 Lowell Milken
  • Frankfort 2018 Lowell Milken student 1
  • Frankfort 2018 Lowell Milken student 2
  • Frankfort 2018 students 25000
  • Frankfort 2018 Angie Beavin reaction
  • Frankfort 2018 Angie Beavin walks to front
  • Frankfort 2018 Lowell Milken Angie Bevin congratulations
  • Frankfort 2018 Angie Beavin ovation
  • Frankfort 2018 Brooke Powers veterans2
  • Frankfort 2018 Angie Beavin check dignitaries
  • Frankfort 2018 Governor Matt Bevin remarks
  • Frankfort 2018 Angie Beavin remarks
  • Frankfort 2018 Angie Beavin media
  • Frankfort 2018 Angie Beavin students cheering
  • Frankfort 2018 Angie Beavin dignitaries 2
  • Frankfort 2018 Governor Matt Bevin selfie
  • Frankfort 2018 Lowell Milken Matt Bevin hallway
  • Frankfort 2018 Angie Beavin Lowell Milken classroom

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