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2023-24 State Recognition Events

May 21, 2024

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WV Hamrick Wilkins Obelisk

Veteran Milken Educators surround Ashley Wilkins (WV '23) and Janna Hamrick (WV '23) as they receive their Milken Educator Award obelisks at the West Virginia Milken Educators Forum.

From left, Pamela Atha (WV '94); Michelle Wolfe (WV '21); Susan Barrett (WV '98); Brian Allman (WV '19); Beverly Hoffmaster (WV '92); Whitney Stead (WV '12); Stephanie Bishop (VA '01), vice president of the Milken Educator Awards; Kelli B. Stanley (WV '06); Ashley Wilkins (WV '23); Heather Haught (WV '21); Janna Hamrick (WV '23); Dr. Vaughn G. Rhudy (WV '03); Erika Klose (WV '17); Dr. Ernie Adkins (WV '14); Cindy Woods (WV '02); and Jennifer Reaves (WV '18).

In this photo:  Dr. Ernie Adkins (WV '14)Brian Allman (WV '19)Pamela Atha (WV '94)Susan Barrett (WV '98)Stephanie E. Bishop (VA '01)Janna Hamrick (WV '23)Heather Haught (WV '21)Beverly Hoffmaster (WV '92)Dr. Erika Klose (WV '17)Jennifer Reaves (WV '18)Dr. Vaughn G. Rhudy (WV '03)Kelli B. Stanley (WV '06)Whitney Stead (WV '12)Ashley Wilkins (WV '23)Michelle Wolfe (WV '21)Cindy Woods (WV '02)

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