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2011–12 Milken Educator Award Pinning Ceremonies

May 11, 2012

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Never cancel a meeting because you never know when it can be so much more. Nicole Keegan (SD '11), center, learned that when the appointment she had scheduled with her superintendent turned out to be her pinning ceremony.

Many accomplices were in on the gag. Pictured with Keegan are, from left, Director of Technology and Innovation in Education Dr. Jullie Mathiesen, Department of Education's Lanette Johnston, Sherryl Crofut (SD '07), Secretary of Education for South Dakota Dr. Melody Schopp, Rapid City Area Schools Superintendent Dr. Tim Mitchell, and Rapid City Area Schools Assistant Superintendent Katie Bray. Please credit photo to Sherry Crofut.

In this photo:  Sherry Crofut (SD '07)Nicole Keegan (SD '11)

All photos should be credited to "Milken Family Foundation" unless otherwise noted.

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