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2011–12 Milken Educator Award Pinning Ceremonies

May 11, 2012

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Who knew Milken Educator Award pinning ceremonies came with their own soundtrack? Michelle Brister's (MS '11) sixth-grade class was treated to an a capella rendition of "In the Still of the Night" by members of the Jim Hill High School choir as Dr. Larry Thurman (MS '05), left, pinned her as a Milken Educator. Even her school's principal, Richard Burge, right, joined in on the fun. Please credit photo to Dr. Larry Thurman.

In this photo:  Michelle Brister (MS '11)Larry Thurman (MS '05)

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  • andrea-mckenna-pinning-ceremony8196.jpg
  • carrie-carnes-pinning-ceremony8234.jpg
  • manuel-rustin-pinning-ceremony8205.jpg
  • doug-hutton-pinning-ceremony8213.jpg
  • shira-fishman-pinning-ceremony8217.jpg
  • Lamar-Fowler-pinning-ceremony8207.jpg
  • shekema-silveri-pinning-ceremony8216.jpg
  • glenn-lee-pinning-ceremony8223.jpg
  • bradley-abel-pinning-ceremony8215.jpg
  • wilson-reyes-teaching-pinning8203.jpg
  • lisa-gruman-pinning-ceremony8199.jpg
  • johnny-belcher-pinning-ceremony8209.jpg
  • denise-pritchard-pinning-ceremony8298.jpg
  • derek-vandegrift-pinning-ceremony8206.jpg
  • Madeline-Hanington-pinning-ceremony8220.jpg
  • morgan-cuthbert-pinning-ceremony8219.jpg
  • juleen-whall-pinning-ceremony8198.jpg
  • seth-brown-pinning-ceremony8210.jpg
  • eric-cochran-pinning-ceremony8221.jpg
  • michelle-brister-pinning-ceremony8224.jpg
  • frank-iannucci-pinning-ceremony8204.jpg
  • Rafal-Olechowski-pinning-ceremony8201.jpg
  • brian-page-pinning-ceremony8197.jpg
  • sarah-vann-pinning-ceremony8245.jpg
  • steven-scoville-pinning-ceremony8202.jpg
  • mike-lobdell-pinning-ceremony8222.jpg
  • nicole-keegan-pinning-ceremony8226.jpg
  • kristina-carssow-pinning-ceremony8208.jpg
  • maria-ung-pinning-ceremony8212.jpg
  • dan-alderson-pinning-ceremony8218.jpg
  • kevin-janota-wisc-pinning-ceremony8244.jpg
  • lissa-dulick-pinning-ceremony8200.jpg

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