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2011–12 Milken Educator Award Pinning Ceremonies

May 11, 2012

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Think of it as a big family dinner. Wilson Reyes (IN '11), center, received his Milken Educator Award pin during a dinner out with vets Alicia Deanne Harris (IN '01), left, Keana Parquet (IN '10), Janet M. Pernell (IN '05), Daphne Draa (IN '04), Matt Walsh (IN '03), Sherry L. Annee (IN '01) and Greg Lineweaver (IN '09). Dr. Jane Foley, senior vice president of the Milken Educator Awards, even appeared via a live video feed to offer her warm wishes. Please credit photo to Alicia Deanne Harris.

In this photo:  Sherry L. Annee (IN '01)Daphne Draa (IN '04)Alicia Deanne Harris (IN '01)Greg Lineweaver (IN '09)Keana Parquet (IN '10)Janet M. Pernell (IN '05)Wilson Reyes (IN '11)Matt Walsh (IN '03)

All photos should be credited to "Milken Family Foundation" unless otherwise noted.

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  • glenn-lee-pinning-ceremony8223.jpg
  • bradley-abel-pinning-ceremony8215.jpg
  • wilson-reyes-teaching-pinning8203.jpg
  • lisa-gruman-pinning-ceremony8199.jpg
  • johnny-belcher-pinning-ceremony8209.jpg
  • denise-pritchard-pinning-ceremony8298.jpg
  • derek-vandegrift-pinning-ceremony8206.jpg
  • Madeline-Hanington-pinning-ceremony8220.jpg
  • morgan-cuthbert-pinning-ceremony8219.jpg
  • juleen-whall-pinning-ceremony8198.jpg
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  • eric-cochran-pinning-ceremony8221.jpg
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  • frank-iannucci-pinning-ceremony8204.jpg
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  • brian-page-pinning-ceremony8197.jpg
  • sarah-vann-pinning-ceremony8245.jpg
  • steven-scoville-pinning-ceremony8202.jpg
  • mike-lobdell-pinning-ceremony8222.jpg
  • nicole-keegan-pinning-ceremony8226.jpg
  • kristina-carssow-pinning-ceremony8208.jpg
  • maria-ung-pinning-ceremony8212.jpg
  • dan-alderson-pinning-ceremony8218.jpg
  • kevin-janota-wisc-pinning-ceremony8244.jpg
  • lissa-dulick-pinning-ceremony8200.jpg

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