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Krystle Bryant (AL '14)


Huntington Place Elementary School
Northport, AL

Subject(s) taught: Science
Grade(s): 5

At the time of the Award, Krystle Bryant was:

Walker Elementary School
Northport, AL

Subject(s) taught: Science
Grade(s): 5

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Fifth-grade science teacher Krystle Bryant is an educational talent, effectively implementing creative instructional strategies at Walker Elementary School and providing care and compassion to each of her students.

Bryant exceeds and enriches standards in her curriculum. When her school’s math scores became a focus in 2013, Bryant took it upon herself to enroll in the state’s one-year training for mathematics standards so she could add them to her science curriculum; with her help, the school’s math scores improved on each benchmark in 2014. She also incorporated reading standards into her science curriculum, thereby teaching students three subjects at once. This amazing dedication to cross-curricular excellence is in addition to her students’ mastery of science. Ninety-two percent of her students scored a Level 3 or 4 on the Alabama Science Assessment in 2014, which was an increase of 4% over the previous year, and 57% scored a Level 4.

Strategic teaching techniques and creative opportunities are evident in Bryant’s class every day. Students demonstrate their mastery of material through rapping, creative dance and acting out their science objectives. Behavior or discipline problems are nonexistent because students are deeply and enjoyably engaged. Even at-risk students request to be observed in Bryant’s classes, where they feel confident of their own ability to learn and succeed. Bryant is also a valued mentor, sharing her techniques with colleagues and student-teachers as a clinical master teacher.

Bryant takes time to learn as much as she can about each of her students, and she lets them get to know her as well; her colleagues are often in awe of the relationships she has with students. Together with parents, personal goals are set for each student to insure that they are striving both within and outside of the classroom, and regular contact with parents involves them in their students’ progress. Bryant creates an environment where students feel valued and take charge of their education.

She graduated from the University of Alabama with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and she received a master’s from the University of West Alabama in the same subject.

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