Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators


  • "Teacher quality has an immense impact on student success. By attending district job fairs, requesting to be a part of interviewing..." (read more)
    Caroline Eschenbach (VA '18)
  • "As educators, we welcome the whole child each and every day, and the whole child's life doesn't just take place in the..." (read more)
    Dr. Rachel Tommelleo (DC '18)
    Director of Program, SchoolKit
  • "Please continue to work hard, and rewards will come your way," — Shelby County Schools teacher awarded 'Oscar of..." (read more)
    Erica Stephens (TN '18)
  • “The Volunteer Corps sprang from a desire to promote service within our students….I thought it could be powerful for children to see..." (read more)
    Shelly Gaughan (TN '18)
    Lead English Language Learner Teacher & Gifted Education Teacher, East End Preparatory School
  • "My students are the future, and I am incredibly lucky to play even a small part in their lives. Teaching is more than a job to me. It..." (read more)
    Hailey Couch (OK '18)
    District Elementary Instructional Coach, Norman Public Schools
  • "A teacher's passion and expertise don't stop with the school bell. Churches, youth organizations such as 4-H, Boy Scouts,..." (read more)
    Krista Trent (OH '18)
    Teacher, Thornville Elementary School
  • "Teaching ELLs is very exciting because I love when they start speaking in English, whether it’s asking to use the bathroom or for a..." (read more)
    Michelle Johnson (RI '18)
    Teacher, Mary E. Fogarty Elementary School
  • "Find what makes you the happiest in your life, and go and do that. I love teaching, because I love working with you all. If you can..." (read more)
    Chris Bessonette (WY '18)
    Dual Immersion Program Teacher, Munger Mountain Elementary School
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