Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators


  • "I'm standing on the shoulders of giants....As long as I can remember, I never wanted to be anything but a teacher. I grew up in..." (read more)
    Justin Scarbro (NC '21)
    Teacher, Walter Hines Page High School
  • "The arts are so powerful because they connect to students' multiple intelligences and learning styles....Integrating the arts..." (read more)
    Victoria Lightfoot (NC '21)
    Instructional Coach, Millbrook Magnet Elementary School
  • "Success isn't a Grammy. Success is making music with people, and it changes your life. You all have changed me at an atomic..." (read more)
    Sarah Mae Lagasca (NJ '21)
    Choir Director and Music Technology Teacher, New Rochelle High School
  • "I won $25,000. No, this is not an April Fools joke—I'm on camera right now, and there are a lot of people listening to..." (read more)
    Taylor Matyas (NJ '21)
    Instructional Coach, Laura Donovan Elementary School
  • "I'm here [at my Milken Award notification] because of my teachers. I have family members who are teachers. I learn from other..." (read more)
    Erica Quale (ND '21)
    Teacher, Wachter Middle School
  • "I teach because kids need us....We can be their people. Not every child has people at their home. We give them a safe space to grow..." (read more)
    Chayna Adams (MS '21)
    Lead Teacher, Pearl River Central High School
  • "I had excellent examples of what a quality educator should embody, and I wanted to give that back to students in the best way I knew..." (read more)
    Ashley Gerald (MO '21)
    Teacher, Lusher Elementary School
  • "The motivation I get on a daily basis is having students talk to me years after and say, 'You made a big difference in my life...." (read more)
    Mark Garascia (MO '21)
    Alternative Education/Credit Recovery, Hancock Place High School
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