Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators


  • “Teaching is a calling. Each day I wake up excited to get to school and help our young students reach their potential through fostering a..." (read more)
    Michelle Johnson (DC '14)
    Teacher, Van Ness Elementary School
  • “My objective is to teach my kids how to succeed each in their own way and by showing each individual student methods that are customized..." (read more)
    Maggie Hawk (MD '14)
    Teacher Specialist for Intervention , Yellow Springs Elementary School
  • “Great teachers don’t teach what to think; they teach how to think, solve problems and communicate.”..." (read more)
    Angela Harvala (MN '14)
    Teacher, Princeton Intermediate School
  • “It is the educated who will be able to adjust to our rapidly changing world. We need to teach them to be question askers, analyzer,..." (read more)
    Dr. Jana Fukada (HI '14)
    Curriculum Coach, Mililani Uka Elementary School
  • “I believe that the future belongs to the educated because with education comes a broadened understanding of the world, the future..." (read more)
    Tracy Espiritu (NJ '14)
    Supervisor of Career and Technical Education, Elizabeth Public Schools
  • “Every day I dedicate myself to leading my teachers with my heart. I listen. I learn. I inspire. As an educator at a TAP school, I have..." (read more)
    Lindsey Parker (LA '14)
    Associate Director of Professional Development, National Institute for Excellent in Teaching (NIET)
  • “Winning the Milken Award was really rocket fuel for my career! There’s no question that getting this recognition helped me realize..." (read more)
    Dr. Alex Carter (VA '03)
    Vice President, Implementation, The Colorado Education Initiative
  • "We are bringing up the youth and the future. I try to come to work every morning with a brand new brain and without any..." (read more)
    Brandon Sportel (CA '14)
    Education Specialist, Barbara Webster Elementary
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