Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators


  • "The Award brought a lot of pride and excitement to our students. They got to meet the governor of Texas, a memory they'll have..." (read more)
    Amber Simpson (TX '16)
    Director, Texas, National Institute for Excellence in Teaching
  • "I know I'm succeeding as an educator when I see my students take risks without fear of making mistakes. That's when I know they feel..." (read more)
    Jessica Villanueva (CA '16)
    Pre-Induction Specialist Support Provider, Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District Office
  • "One of my favorite times is when we meet in the morning and we share the question of the day. We have a dialogue that is not..." (read more)
    Katherine Shaw (CA '16)
    Teacher, Washington Elementary School
  • "Since [I received] the Milken Educator Award, students at my school have been much more vocal about their appreciation of teachers...." (read more)
    Amanda Raupe (OK '16)
    Instructional Coach, Hilldale Elementary School
  • "I just love the curiosity, positivity and optimism [elementary-age] children bring to the classroom. It's an incredible..." (read more)
    Katie Picciuto (TN '16)
    Teacher, Mill Creek Elementary School
  • "Educational equity is more than the latest educational buzzword. It is a belief, a mindset, a mode of operation, a conviction, a..." (read more)
    Michelle Ryan (MA '15)
    Associate Commissioner at the Kaleidoscope Collective for Learning, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
  • "I think we need to encourage others by reinforcing the fact that teaching is a labor of love. If you keep the kids at the front of..." (read more)
    Kelly Sutcliffe (HI '16)
    Teacher, President Thomas Jefferson Elementary
  • "Science, technology, engineering and mathematics are absolutely critical components within the framework of curriculum for..." (read more)
    Masaru Uchino (HI '16)
    Teacher, Momilani Elementary School
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