Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators


  • "What I love most about primary-age children is their ability to feed off your enthusiasm. I think the best way to describe it is to..." (read more)
    Paul Campbell (AK '16)
    Teacher, Aquarian Charter School
  • "I think as a nation we need to put more money, time and effort into teachers in their first through fifth years. That's when teachers..." (read more)
    Felicia Casto (CO '16)
    Instructional Mathematics Coach, Clifton Elementary School
  • "[I hope my students remember] that moments, good or bad, don't define you. Every day you have a chance to do great things by serving..." (read more)
    Thomas Dennison (MD '16)
  • "After having both of my babies I decided to stay home to take care of them and opened up a daycare. I loved this time of my life,..." (read more)
    Lisa Richard (OR '16)
    Teacher, Pioneer School
  • "[Since my Award] students take even more pride in their work because they heard all the compliments that the presenters shared during..." (read more)
    Traci Druschke (IN '16)
    Teacher, McCutchanville Elementary School
  • "When I think of teachers who have impacted my educational journey, I don't recall the assignments given, the tests or quizzes. I..." (read more)
    Amara Alexander (AL '16)
    Assistant Principal, Woodmore Elementary
  • "I know I'm succeeding as an educator when former students come back and share their success stories. When parents tell me their..." (read more)
    Timothy Thomas (AZ '16)
    Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources , Laveen School District
  • "The Award brought a lot of pride and excitement to our students. They got to meet the governor of Texas, a memory they'll have..." (read more)
    Amber Simpson (TX '16)
    Senior Specialist, Texas, National Institute for Excellence in Teaching
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