Connections: Linking Talented Educators
Connections: Linking Talented Educators

Reading List: 5 Great Teacher Blogs

May 8, 2017

Teachers who blog computer keyboard

By Sabrina Skacan

It is a truth universally acknowledged that teachers have the most important job in the world. Like the old song says, "You've got the whole world in your hands"—you're shaping the minds of the future (no pressure!).

But have no fear—you know you're not alone. Colleagues at your school and district have your back, and the online community has your future. There's a virtual backpack of blogs filled with ideas and sentiments expressing the trials and tribulations of teaching. Here are a few of our favorite blogs written by educators, some of whom are part of the Milken Educator family. One common thread: These teachers get tremendous joy seeing the light bulbs go on when their lessons click with students.

Thought-Provoking: A Teacher's Evolving Mind

Give this man a mic! We like this blog not just because Nate Bowling (WA '13) is family but because his insight is direct and honest, backed by experience and action. Nate writes that his blog gives "plain-talk to folks about matters of education, justice and economics that impact my students and my community." Nate's blog is a resource and an inspiration. Recent topics: politics, podcasting and educational equity.

Entertaining: Love, Teach

Written anonymously by a middle school teacher, this blog is pure pleasure. The blog started in 2010, when the author worked at a Title I school, and his or her observations are poignant; the writer shares many frustrations and hints that he or she might not last in education. Posts haven't been as regular lately, but the archives are well worth perusing. Recent topics: teacher memes, end-of-year lessons.

Edtech: Indiana Jen

Jennifer Carey is a director of educational technology for the Ransom Everglades School in Florida. named her the top educator to follow on Twitter (@TeacherJenCarey) for her mix of original thought and curated content. With certifications from Apple and Google, Jen shares a multitude of tech-savvy projects and ideas on her very active Twitter feed and blog. Recent topics: teaching the Holocaust, using Google Classroom.

Range and Depth: WeAreTeachers

WeAreTeachers is an online community that shares teacher-to-teacher advice, practical classroom ideas, giveaways and downloadable content. Psst, educators: They're looking for guest content and welcome your submission (they'll even link to your blog once you start one!). Join their community to share your insight as an educational thought leader.

Tips and Tricks: Cool Cat Teacher

As author, teacher and educational influencer, Vicki Davis started her blog to teach her own students how to blog. We like her "10 minute podcast" featuring interviews with teachers across the nation. Milken Educator Felicia Casto (CO '16) joined Vicki recently to discuss project-based models for learning math.

BONUS: We love keeping up with Milken Educators through their blogs! In addition to Nate Bowling's above, here are some others we know about—let us know if yours should be on this list:


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