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Vanessa Thomson Wins MO Milken Award in Gladstone

Vanessa Thomson (MO '22)   |   Chapel Hill Elementary School  |  Gladstone, MO  |  Jan 19, 2023

Hello, Chapel Hill Elementary! Missouri Commissioner of Education Dr. Margie Vandeven is visiting for an assembly celebrating educators — one very special teacher in particular. When Stephanie Bishop, vice president of the Milken Educator Awards, presents second grade teacher Vanessa Thomson with Missouri's "Oscar of Teaching" and $25,000, no one is more surprised than the recipient herself. Vanessa Thomson is the first ever Milken Award recipient in North Kansas City Schools.

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  • Welcome to the family! It was easy to see today that the reward Is richly deserved!

    Posted by Mark Lueckenhoff (MO '96), 19/01/2023 7:58pm (11 days ago)

  • So very proud of you, Vanessa! I so wish you could teach every 2nd grader, especially Yari, who is in second grade this year in Platte Canyon schools in Bailey, CO.

    Posted by Janet R LaVille, 19/01/2023 12:22pm (11 days ago)

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