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Vanessa Thomson Wins MO Milken Award in Gladstone

Chapel Hill Elementary School  |  Gladstone, MO  |  Jan 19, 2023

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CHES Vanessa Thomson veterans red carpet

"SHOW ME MISSOURI'S NEWEST MILKEN EDUCATOR!"  After the assembly, veteran Milken Educators roll out the red carpet — or, rather, the ABC carpet — for second grade teacher Vanessa Thomson and welcome her to the Milken Educator network.

From left, Dr. Angie Besendorfer (MO '96); Norm Conard (KS '92), executive director of the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes; Melissa Fike (MO '19); Mark Garascia (MO '21); recipient Vanessa Thomson (MO '22); Mark Lueckenhoff (MO '96); Tiffany Morris (MO '08); Loes Hedge (MO '96); Dr. Sara Crump (MO '07); and Henri Goettel (MO '96).

In this series:  Vanessa Thomson (MO '22)
In this photo:  Dr. Angie Besendorfer (MO '96)Norman Conard (KS '92)Dr. Sara Lyn Crump (MO '07)Melissa Fike (MO '19)Mark Garascia (MO '21)Henri Goettel (MO '96)Loes Hedge (MO '96)Mark Lueckenhoff (MO '96)Tiffany Morris (MO '08)Vanessa Thomson (MO '22)

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