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The MD Milken Award Goes to ... Thomas Dennison!

Havre de Grace Elementary School  |  Havre de Grace, MD  |  Dec 01, 2016

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Thomas Dennison veteran Milken Educators

Veteran Milken Educators welcome Thomas Dennison, Maryland's 2016-17 Milken Educator Award winner, to the family.

From left, Sharon Dravvorn Drake (VA '09); Lauren Hunter (MD '12); Denise Hershberger (MD '96); R. Scott Pfeifer (MD '93); Alberta Porter (MD '00); Deborah Grinnage-Pulley (MD '03); Harford County Board of Education President Nancy Reynolds; Maryland State Department of Education Partnership and Recognition Programs Executive Director Dr. Darla Strouse; Harford County Public School District Superintendent Barbara P. Canavan; recipient Thomas Dennison (MD '16); Deidre Austen (MD '04); Angela Malone (MD '15); Mike Milken, co-founder of the Milken Family Foundation; Lynn McCain (AL '06); Christian Slattery, Sr. (MD '08); and Jennifer Palmer (MD '02).

In this series:  Thomas Dennison (MD '16) In this photo:  Deidre Austen (MD '04)Thomas Dennison (MD '16)Sharon Dravvorn Drake (VA '09)Deborah Grinnage-Pulley (MD '03)Denise Hershberger (MD '96)Lauren Hunter (MD '12)Angela Malone (MD '15)Lynn McCain (AL '06)Dr. Jennifer Palmer (MD '02)R. Scott Pfeifer (MD '93)Alberta Porter (MD '00)Christian Slattery, Sr. (MD '08)

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  • Havre de Grace students drumming
  • Mike Milken Havre de Grace students before assembly
  • Havre de Grace principal Ronald Wooden
  • Mike Milken at Havre de Grace
  • Havre de Grace students volunter
  • Mike Milken interviews Havre de Grace student
  • Havre de Grace students help Mike Milken
  • Havre de Grace students spell 25000
  • Havre de Grace students shocked
  • Havre de Grace students anxious to hear
  • Thomas Dennison reaction 2
  • Thomas Dennison reaction 3
  • Thomas Dennison gets standing ovation
  • Thomas Dennison listens to applause
  • Mike Milken congratulates Thomas Dennison
  • Principal Ronald Wooden congratulates Thomas Dennison
  • Thomas Dennison acceptance speech
  • Thomas Dennison principal Ronald Wooden selfie
  • Thomas Dennison Facetimes wife 2
  • Thomas Dennison hugs daughter Sami
  • Thomas Dennison with class
  • Thomas Dennison check dignitaries
  • Thomas Dennison veteran Milken Educators
  • Thomas Dennison still overwhelmed Mike Milken
  • Thomas Dennison Mike Milken classroom

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