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Ryan James Wins VA Milken Award

Lucille M. Brown Middle School  |  Richmond, VA  |  Nov 15, 2017

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Richmond 2017 veteran Milken Educators

Veteran Milken Educators introduce themselves to the assembly and offer words of wisdom to recipient Ryan James. "Don’t ever lose your passion," says Dr. Joshua Cole (VA '06, second from right). Later, in a meeting after the assembly, Wade Whitehead (VA '00, far right) tells James not to question whether he's deserving: "[Instead], think about what’s going to happen because of this Award." 

From left, Lauren Wilson (VA '15); Lindsay Murray (VA '16); Joel Robins (VA '10); Ed Coleman (IN '09); Laura Lay (VA '05); Stephanie E. Bishop (VA '01); Dr. Laura Marshall (VA '08); Dr. Joshua Cole (VA '06); and Wade Whitehead (VA '00). 

In this series:  Ryan James (VA '17)
In this photo:  Stephanie E. Bishop (VA '01)Dr. Joshua Cole (VA '06)Ed Coleman (IN '09)Laura Lay (VA '05)Dr. Laura Marshall (VA '08)Lindsay Murray (VA '16)Dr. Joel Robins (VA '10)Wade Whitehead (VA '00)Lauren Wilson (VA '15)

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