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Joel Robins (VA '10)

Assistant Principal

Deep Creek Middle School
Chesapeake, VA

At the time of the Award, Joel Robins was:

Deep Creek Elementary School
Chesapeake, VA

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 5

Biographical Information

The fifth-graders that Joel Robins teaches at Deep Creek Elementary are outperforming students all over the state. Across the board, 100% of his students passed the Standards of Learning (SOL) exam. From SOL passing scores of 98% in reading and science, 97% in writing and 90% in math, Robins’ dynamic teaching techniques are giving students the keys to achieving above and beyond their expectations.

Serving as grade-level chair, Robins’ teaching extends to both gifted and special needs students. He is a strong practitioner of differentiated instruction and keeps students engaged using games, hands-on learning and the latest technology. As Robins’ mother was also a teacher, it is no surprise that he welcomes parent involvement on a daily basis in his classroom. It is common to find Robins on campus long after classes have ended. He makes a point to attend students’ games and afterschool activities, and also serves as a high school baseball and girls field hockey coach.

Robins educates the larger community in addition to his young pupils. He made a video for the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) called “Monday Matters” about how to give back to the community. It made such a good impression at Deep Creek that the school shared it with other schools. Administrators were so impressed by Robins’ work that they asked to videotape his classroom as a model of differentiated strategies in a Chesapeake Public Schools staff development video. The video will be used to train other Chesapeake teachers so they can bring Robins’ enthusiasm and results-driven achievement into more classrooms throughout the district.

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