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STEM Star Rebecca Missler Wins AK Milken Award

North Pole High School  |  North Pole, AK  |  Dec 17, 2019

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2019 AK Rebecca Missler classroom

Back in the classroom, Rebecca Missler tells guests about some of the projects her students are working on. Rebecca works hard to make learning hands-on and relevant for her students. Her classes have dissected caribou, the large North American reindeer common in Alaska, learning to identify the animal’s parts while studying the caribou’s impact on the environment, native Alaskan culture, subsistence hunting and land forms. Students set sugar on fire to create “worms” (long columns of black ash) in chemistry and create a fire tornado in earth science to study induction and the Coriolis effect. Rebecca attended special training to be able to receive a collection of moon rocks, pieces of science history she shared with students throughout the district.

In this series:  Rebecca Missler (AK '19)
In this photo:  Rebecca Missler (AK '19)

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