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Knoxville's Paula Franklin Wins TN Milken Award

Paula Franklin (TN '17)   |   West High School  |  Knoxville, TN  |  Nov 16, 2017

The gym at West High School is packed for the morning assembly. Tennessee Education Commissioner Dr. Candice McQueen and other dignitaries are here to celebrate the school's exemplary growth as a Level 5 school—but is that the only reason for their visit? Things take an unexpected turn when Lowell Milken, chairman and co-founder of the Milken Family Foundation, tells the crowd that he has come all the way from California to surprise one outstanding educator with a national honor. When Milken names government teacher Paula Franklin a Tennessee Milken Educator, the day instantly becomes one Franklin will remember for the rest of her life. Follow along in the photos below.

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  • Knoxville 2017 West High executive principal Ashley Jessie
  • Knoxville 2017 ROTC
  • Knoxville 2017 West High choir
  • Knoxville 2017 Superintendent Bob Thomas
  • Knoxville 2017 Tennessee education commissioner Candice McQueen
  • Knoxville 2017 Lowell Milken addresses assembly West High
  • Knoxville 2017 students 25000
  • Knoxville 2017 Paula Franklin reaction
  • Knoxville 2017 Paula Franklin reaction 2
  • Knoxville 2017 Paula Franklin reaction 3
  • Knoxville 2017 Paula Franklin disbelieving ed
  • Knoxville 2017 Paula Franklin Lowell Milken Candice McQueen emotional
  • Knoxville 2017 Lowell Milken congratulates Paula Franklin
  • Knoxville 2017 Paula Franklin dignitaries
  • Knoxville 2017 Paula Franklin listens to vets
  • Knoxville 2017 Paula Franklin acceptance speech
  • Knoxville 2017 Paula Franklin check students
  • Knoxville 2017 Paula Franklin check students group McQueen
  • Knoxville 2017 Paula Franklin hug from student
  • Knoxville 2017 Paula Franklin media
  • Knoxville 2017 Paula Franklin Lou Gallo

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  • Welcome to the Milken Family! You so ROCK!

    Posted by Susan Hillary Buckson Greene (GA '05), 16/11/2017 6:02pm (5 years ago)

  • Congrats to our daughter-in-law. We knew she was a great teacher and supporter of school activities. This awards verifies our love and respect for Paula

    Posted by Glenn Franklin, 16/11/2017 9:29am (5 years ago)

  • So Proud! Paula is incredible!

    Posted by Becky Drewing, 16/11/2017 9:18am (5 years ago)

  • This is my daughter and her dad and I could not be prouder
    She has always been an amazing kid
    And has always made goals for herself
    She was always a very bright student
    She deserves this award
    She truly cares for each of her students
    We love you darlin

    Posted by Sharon Roush, 16/11/2017 8:51am (5 years ago)

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