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Katherine Watkins, You're a TN Milken Educator!

Katherine Watkins (TN '17)   |   Millington Central High School  |  Millington, TN  |  Nov 16, 2017

Millington Central High School has a lot to celebrate. The school's ACT scores are climbing, and Tennessee Education Commissioner Dr. Candice McQueen is visiting to commend students and teachers on their college preparation achievements. But this assembly is about to provide another reason for celebration: Lowell Milken, chairman and co-founder of the Milken Family Foundation, has come all the way from California to honor one outstanding teacher with a Milken Educator Award! When Katherine Watkins hears Milken call her name as a Tennessee Milken Educator, the English teacher gets a life-changing surprise. Relive her exciting notification in the photos below. 

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