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STEM Star Jessica Goodman Wins KY Award

James E. Farmer Elementary  |  Louisville, KY  |  Apr 22, 2022

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Farmer robotics

STEM lab teacher Jessica Goodman looks on as students give visitors a robotics demonstration. Jessica started the school’s Junior Beta robotics team in 2016, leading students through the design, creation and testing of robots, including documenting successes and failures so they can optimize their robots’ performance. The team’s robots have included Skit, which sorted Skittles candies by color; Mr. Metal, which collected metal for recycling; and BB3 (Beta Balloon Bot), which blew up balloons whose color matched balls dropped into the robot. The team has won the Kentucky Junior Beta state championship four times and earned top honors at the National Junior Beta Convention twice.

In this series:  Jessica Goodman (KY '21)
In this photo:  Jessica Goodman (KY '21)

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