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Janet Do Joins OR Milken Educators

Whitman Elementary School  |  Portland, OR  |  Dec 03, 2018

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2018 Portland Janet Do veterans

More than a dozen veteran Milken Educators are on hand at Whitman Elementary to welcome Janet Do (OR '18) to the family.

Front, from left: Kelly Nakano Devlin (OR '00); Dr. Jane Foley (IN '94), senior vice president of the Milken Educator Awards; Ricardo Larios (OR '15); Oregon Department of Education Deputy Director Carmen Xiomara Urbina; recipient Janet Do (OR '18); Andria Lindsey (OR'17); Teresa Chan Seidel (OR '13); and Drew Moneke (OR '09).

Back, from left: Julie Wojcicki-Cleave (OR '14); Bonnie E. Robb (OR '08); Kevin J. Zerzan (OR '09); Scott Whitbeck (WA '96); Daniel Tilson (OR '92); Lawrence L. Conley (OR '06); and Susan Klinkhammer (OR '00).

In this series:  Janet Do (OR '18)
In this photo:  Julie Wojcicki-Cleave (OR '14)Lawrence L. Conley (OR '06)Janet Do (OR '18)Dr. Jane Foley (IN '94)Susan Klinkhammer (OR '00)Ricardo Larios (OR '15)Andria Lindsey (OR '17)Drew Moneke (OR '09)Kelly Nakano Devlin (OR '00)Dr. Bonnie E. Robb (OR '08)Teresa Chan Seidel (OR '13)Daniel Tilson (OR '92)Scott Whitbeck (WA '96)Kevin J. Zerzan (OR '09)

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