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Heidi Albin, You're a KS Milken Educator!

Complete High School Maize  |  Maize, KS  |  Nov 09, 2017

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Maize 2017 Heidi Albin classroom

Science teacher Heidi Albin talks with students in her classroom after her exciting Milken Educator Award surprise. Albin designed a self-paced, multi-science curricula with numerous programs and real-life experiences that deeply engage students while teaching ownership, responsibility and character. Her community garden enables students and their “partners”—retirement home residents—to work side by side as they learn gardening skills and ecology. An agricultural program, including chick hatching and husbandry, demonstrates biology, while her partnership with WILD Kansas (a student organization focusing on outdoor education activities) promotes the environment and conservation. When surveyed, 23 percent of her students said they were interested in science before taking her class. That percentage increased to 82 percent after experiencing Albin’s innovative instruction and activities.

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