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NY Milken Educators Welcome Caitlin Garvey

Caitlin Garvey (NY '22)   |   Clyde-Savannah Elementary  |  Clyde, NY  |  Nov 04, 2022

What's happening at Clyde-Savannah Elementary? Alex Trikalinos, assistant commissioner for the New York State Department of Education's Office of Teacher and Leader Development, is visiting for an assembly celebrating students' excellent attendance record. When Stephanie Bishop, vice president of the Milken Educator Awards, surprises special education teacher Caitlin Garvey with New York's 2022 Milken Award and $25,000, no one is more shocked than the recipient herself.

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  • CS Jennifer Kelsey
  • CS Mike Hayden
  • CS students drumming
  • CS students watching
  • CS Vicky Ramos
  • CS Alex Trikalinos
  • CS Stephanie Bishop
  • CS students intrigued
  • CS Stephanie Bishop student
  • CS 25000
  • CS students excited
  • CS Caitlin Garvey reaction
  • CS Caitlin Garvey reaction 2
  • CS Caitlin Garvey walks to front
  • CS Caitlin Garvey sees check
  • CS Caitlin Garvey check
  • CS Caitlin Garvey Stephanie Bishop
  • CS Caitlin Garvey remarks 2
  • CS Caitlin Garvey congratulations
  • CS Caitlin Garvey veterans
  • CS Caitlin Garvey media
  • CS Caitlin Garvey portrait
  • CS Caitlin Garvey calls husband
  • CS Caitlin Garvey classroom

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