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IN Milken Educators Welcome Math Teacher Angela Fowler

Grassy Creek Elementary  |  Greenwood, IN  |  Nov 22, 2022

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GCES Angela Fowler veterans

Veteran Milken Educators turn out in force to welcome Angela Fowler (IN '22) to the family.

From left, Wilson Reyes (IN '11); Mel Coryell (IN '15); Dr. Jane Foley (IN '94), senior vice president of the Milken Educator Awards; Traci Druschke (IN '16); Matt Walsh (IN '03); Alicia Harris (IN '01); Laurie Davies (IN '14); Sherry Annee (IN '01); Rhonda Buell Schier (CO '89); recipient Angela Fowler (IN '22); Rick Crosslin (IN '98); Daphne Draa (IN '04); Dr. Chris Kates (IN '08); Diane Scott (IN '02); Gregory Macklem (IN '01); Sarah Powley (IN '93); Ryan Towner (IN '21); and Theresa Knipstein Meyer (IN '00).

In this series:  Angela Fowler (IN '22)
In this photo:  Sherry L. Annee (IN '01)Rhonda Schier (CO '89)Melody Coryell (IN '15)Rick Crosslin (IN '98)Laurie Davies (IN '14)Daphne Draa (IN '04)Traci Druschke (IN '16)Dr. Jane Foley (IN '94)Angela Fowler (IN '22)Alicia Deanne Harris (IN '01)Dr. Chris Kates (IN '08)Theresa Knipstein Meyer (IN '00)Gregory Macklem (IN '01)Sarah Powley (IN '93)Wilson Reyes (IN '11)Diane Lee Scott (IN '02)Ryan Towner (IN '21)Matt Walsh (IN '03)

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