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Allyson Vitato is the 2014–15 KY Milken Educator

Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary School  |  Louisville, KY  |  Jan 15, 2015

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Allyson Vitato VIPs with check

A veritable "Who's Who" of Kentucky education gathers around newest Milken Educator Allyson Vitato and her giant $25,000 check from the Milken Family Foundation in recognition of the oversized contribution she makes to the future of Breckinridge-Franklin Elementary School students.

Pictured, from left: Mary Robertson (KY '00); Jacqueline Austin (KY '96); Ryan Williams (KY '12); Allyson Vitato (KY ’14); William King (KY '13); Kentucky Commissioner of Education Dr. Terry Holliday; Kirk Lattimore (KY '01); Milken Educator Awards Senior Vice President Dr. Jane Foley (IN '94); Ruth Sweazy (KY '02); and Whitney Meadows, Field Representative for Senator Rand Paul in Jefferson County.

In this series:  Allyson Vitato (KY '14)
In this photo:  Jacqueline Austin (KY '96)William King (KY '13)Kirk B. Lattimore (KY '01)Mary Robertson (KY '00)Ruth Ann Sweazy (KY '02)Ryan Williams (KY '12)

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