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Kena Allison is DC's 2013–14 Milken Educator

Thurgood Marshall Academy  |  Washington, DC  |  Oct 24, 2013

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Kena Alliosn Milken vets and Supt Aguirre

The latest Milken Educator Award winner rubs shoulders with her new network of outstanding educators. If you're going to be judged by the company you keep, Milken Educators and the D.C. Acting State Superintendent of Education are some of the best.

Pictured, from left: Ann Lam Wong (VA ’09), Kena Allison (DC '13), Acting State Superintendent of Education Jesus Aguirre, Jacqueline A. Simms (DC '12) and Rachel Wills (GA '10).

In this series:  Kena Allison (DC '13) In this photo:  Jacqueline A. Simms (DC '12)Rachel Willis (GA '10)Ann Lam Wong (VA '09)

All photos should be credited to "Milken Family Foundation" unless otherwise noted.

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  • Mike Milken warms up the crowd
  • Kena Allison reacts students cheer
  • Kena Allison smiles students cheer wildly
  • Kena Allison greeted by Mike Milken
  • Kena Allison with Mike Milken and 25000 check
  • Kena Allison calls mom
  • Kena Allison interviewed by press
  • Kena Alliosn Milken vets and Supt Aguirre
  • Kena Allison school celebrity
  • Mike Milken teaches at Thurgood Marshall Academy
  • Kena Allison back in class

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