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Jacqueline A. Simms (DC '12)


Anne Beers Elementary School
Washington, DC

Grade(s): 3

At the time of the Award, Jacqueline A. Simms was:

Anne Beers Elementary School
Washington, DC

Subject(s) taught: General Elementary
Grade(s): 3

Biographical Information

Third grade teacher Jacqueline Simms is the rare individual who can inspire students, ignite colleagues to strive for their best, and lead the transformation of an entire school culture around teaching and learning. At Anne Beers Elementary School in Washington, D.C., Simms is recognized as a powerful and positive force of nature who is fully committed to ensuring the success of every single student. She improves student achievement through innovations in curriculum, development, instructional methods, and classroom management. Her contributions to Beers are legendary. As an Academic Intervention Coach, Simms implemented the Schoolwide Application Model (SAM), where supports and services are fully integrated and available to all students. Through her leadership and guidance, special education students at Beers seamlessly integrate into general education classes and many are now achieving at proficient and advanced levels on state assessment tests. High expectations are held for all.

Simms was instrumental in introducing and engaging all staff and students with a Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) system, writing the school's affirmation which is recited every morning:

"My heritage is one of greatness, but I know that I can do more. 
I must never do less than those who came before. 
What my mind can conceive and my heart can believe,
I can achieve!"

She leads the Incentive and Rewards program where students earn "Cheetah Bucks" for displaying positive behavior. When funds were not available to provide extra learning time for students, Simms established an all-volunteer Saturday School by recruiting staff and community members to participate on a rotating basis. So that students would have a place to read or de-escalate from a conflict, Simms established Book Nooks. She started a mentoring program with a law firm, a leadership skills building program with the F.B.I., and partnered with a local theater to introduce students to playwriting skills. To build relationships with families, she conducts home visits over the summer.

An integral member of the school leadership team, Simms has a reputation for fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication. Outstanding with modeling instruction as well as data analysis, she is adept at working with colleagues to identify areas for improvement. In addition to delivering school and district-wide professional development, Simms mentors beginning and student teachers. A role model for all, Jacqueline Simms epitomizes excellence in education.

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